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  • Gibson SG Junior Cherry 1964 - PRICE REDUCED
    $0.00 Gibson SG Junior Cherry 1964 - PRICE REDUCED

    This SG Junior, from the first year after Gibson renamed it from the Les Paul, has a nice broken-in feel to it.  With some brown discoloration in the nitrocellulose over the cherry finish, it has a classic look that marks its age more than most of the other SGs we have. 



    Body :  Mahogany, cherry finish.  Medium weight.

    Neck :  Mahogany with rosewood fretboard and dot inlays.  Fairly thin, round profile.

    Pickups/Hardware :  One P-90 pickup a bit warmer than most.  Wraparound bridge/tailpiece.  Three-on-a-plate Kluson tuners.

    Setup/Playability :  Nice broken-in feel with clean neck.  Feels great for rhythm playing in particular.

    Cosmetic Condition :  One missing inlay at the 9 th fret.  Nice tarnish on the hardware.  Finish has moderate player wear with a number of dings and dents on the top and back.  Slightly brown finish.

    Modifications:   None.

    Case:   Original chipboard with no handle

  • Gibson SG Jr Cherry 1964 (s694)
    $0.00 Gibson SG Jr Cherry 1964 (s694)

    This Junior has a unique feel among the many in the store. Although under six pounds, it feels relatively heavy for a cherry SG Junior! It features a slightly rounder neck than most, although with the typical nut width, and a deep cherry finish that hasn’t turned brown at all. Definitely worth checking out for any player.


    Body: Mahogany with cherry finish.

    Neck: Mahogany with rosewood finish. Medium-round profile on thin nut width.

    Pickups/Hardware: One P-90 in the bridge position. Nice and bright. Typical wraparound bridge/tailpiece and three-a-side Kluson tuners.

    Setup/Playability: Nice tension and fairly low action.

    Cosmetic Condition: Some dents around the top, but not much finish wear overall. No checking or pickguard breaks.

    Modifications: Newer unlabeled black speed knobs.

    Weight: 5 lbs 14 oz

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